Let's Talk Charity: Crisis Classroom

The Karma Jungle is proud to sponsor Crisis Classroom from Jan-Oct, 2017. Your purchase of any Karma Charity Line item will go directly to their mission. Visit our online store at, www.thekarmajungle.com or by clicking "Home" up above. 



Migration throughout Europe in recent years has been unsettleing. Following the Syrian war, conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq and increasing poverty in the surrounding countries, all have created an overwhelming problem for both, those fleeing injustices and those living in Europe. 

Refugees are not only coping with the trauma of war & exile, but also have had to face a new society and language all together. How does one help them make that transition? One would believe that programs that help with assimilation also help reduce the divide or antogonism that may be felt between foreigners and natives, they can reduce anxiety and isolation among refugees and speed up the process of helping them become self-sufficent in their new enviornment  The social enterprise in the UK, Crisis Classroom is doing just that.



Crisis Classroom believes in the fundamental human right to education. More than algebra and verbs, for them, it is teaching life to their pupils in another language. They train volunteer teachers to deliver innovative educational curriculum in crisis and emergency situations to refugees in need. 



Kate McAllister's 20- year qualified experience has propelled her into a passion for education and philanthropy. She co-founded Rethinking Education, an organization that works with education leaders and teachers to develop effective teaching practices and also founded the School Bus Project in 2015, a mobile education center for refugees. In 2016, she co-founded Crisis Classroom along side Darren Abrahams. 

Darren is a coach, therapist, trainer and social entrepreneur. Creator of many programs that have helped expand the potential of individuals and groups such as the Starr Trust which supports sports, arts and education, Darren has also used his trauma therapist qualifications to merge these social programs to effectively help refugees. 

Pretty awesome people right!?  




Crisis Classroom is currently seeking teaching volunteers and those who wish to use their teaching expertise to help refugees across the world. You can also purchase any item from the Karma Jungle Charity Line- proceeds will go to Crisis Classroom entirely during our sponsorship period Jan-March 2017, or to donate directly, volunteer or learn more about them, check out their webpage at www.crisisclassroom.com or their Facebook and Instagram social accounts. 

Karma Jungle Sponsorship: Jan-March 2017